Printmaking Class

School of Visual Arts, New York
Monoprint, Woodcut, Linoleum
Instructor: Carlos Pisco
Tuesday 6:00PM - 9:30PM Jun 05 - Aug 14

This course will explore the richness and graphic qualities of monoprint, linocut and woodcut. These various techniques share a direct method of working, from carving surfaces to painting and drawing images. The use of line, shape and contrast will be emphasized through work in linoleum and woodcut printing. Images will be carved into the block, the surface inked and transferred to paper. Color will be applied using the separation techniques of reduction printing and color overprinting. Monoprints begin with drawing and painting directly on blank plates and transferring the result to paper. Every monoprint created is unique, resulting in large, direct, painterly prints. The different ways of applying color in this technique will be fully explored including color overlays, overprinting and stencil techniques. All processes will be demonstrated and applied through printing sessions and critiques.

Selected Class Works