Printmaking Class

School of Visual Arts, New York
Printmaking Fundamentals: Intaglio, Monoprint and Relief Printing
Instructor: Carlos Pisco
Wed., September 24 – December 17
Hours: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

This course will provide a broad introduction to several printmaking processes. Learn about intaglio techniques by creating drypoints that explore the use of line and a painterly approach. Create unique prints by using additive, subtractive and tracing monoprint methods. In blind embossment and collographs, you will bring sculptural qualities to your prints. The use of line, shape and contrast will be emphasized through work in linoleum and woodcut printing. Important techniques for all printmaking processes, such as chine collé, registration and printing multiple color plates will also be covered. Students will develop their own projects and will be encouraged to create prints combining different techniques to create an engaging portfolio.

NOTE: No previous printmaking experience is necessary.

Selected Class Works